About IEEE

IEEE is an international and non-profit organization: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

It was established in 1882 in New York, USA, for outstanding engineers as Steinmetz, Edison, Maxwell, Ampere and IEEE have belonged to people like Marconi, Tesla, Maxwell and all Nobel Prizes associated with this engineering to the IEEE awarded before their merits.

IEEE Chile Section together with the IEEE Council Southern Cone (Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile) is pleased to invite you to participate as author of works and/or attendances to IEEE Chilean Conference on Electrical, Electronics Engineering, Information and Communication Technologies: Chilean Congress of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Technology Information and Communications.

IEEE Section Chile created in 1962 is one of the oldest in Latin America. In addition, it also is a nonprofit organization.

IEEE Objectives are:

  1. To promote, support, encourage and disseminate research, development and applications of electrical, electronics, computer, industrial, biomedical engineering; for the humanity benefit. This objective is accomplished through conferences, seminars, workshops, courses, publication of magazines each specialty (they are 62) and recognizing those who contribute to this development.
  2. Support engineering education in universities, creating IEEE Student Branches, organizing student conferences, scholarships, courses etc.
  3. Promotes Continuing Education of Engineers to improve its performance as a professional and as a person. This is done through courses in conferences, tutorials, courses, books, CD, DVD, TV and Internet.

IEEE is financed by selling magazines, cd, DVD, etc. to the industry and partly by contributions from members. Each member of the IEEE has many benefits such as discounts on conferences, courses, seminars, workshops, books, sometimes at costs that absorbs the organization.

The IEEE has about 400,000 members and it organized geographically into 10 regions, the region 9 is Latin America. Normally each country is a section. Large countries such as Brazil and Mexico have up to five sections. Some sections joined to form a Council. IEEE Cono Sur Council consists of Sections Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile. The idea is to cooperate and to have better serve the members and the community. This Council was established in 2014 and the idea is to make a big Congress every year in a different section.

IEEE invite you to participate in IEEE Chilean Conference on Electrical, Electronics Engineering, and Informatics and Communication Technologies.