About IEEE Chilecon

Chile Section IEEE together with the ACCA and IEEE Chilean Chapters are pleased to invite you to participate as papers author of works and/or assistant to IEEE Chilean Conference on Electrical, Electronics Engineering, and Informatics and Communication Technologies.
This conference brings opportunities to all specialties, electrical and electronics engineering, informatics engineering, biomedical engineering, industrial engineering. The idea is the presentation of researches, developments, applications, innovations, education, so that the participants attend to papers technical session, discuss, defend, share, validate what they do and show you what makes the community of these countries.
This Conference has Technical Sessions, Plenary Session by International Engineers, Tutorial courses, Forum (Roundtable) discussion on important topics (energy, communications, etc.) of these four countries, and presentations by industry professionals and companies, with the presence of lectures suppliers and exhibition of equipment and systems.

The objectives of the Conference are:

  1. To congregate engineers from all disciplines of Electrical, Electronics, Computers, Automation, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, to promote friendship and ties cooperation.
  2. To promote the advancement and share of knowledge and experiences, discuss problems and establish cooperation ties in all areas among academics, professionals and students.
  3. Disseminate and present recent research results and developments in all engineering areas   Electrical, Electronics, Automation, Computers, Biomedical Engineering, Industrial Engineering. These advances in research and development is through selection by the Editorial Committee and Congress work program and presented at the Congress in the Technical Sessions.
  4. Give a chance continue education and be update through Plenary of prominent International Engineers, Tutorials Courses taught by people worldwide.
  5. Participate in Roundtable discussion (Forum Discussion) on important topics in our countries (energy, communications, automation, computing), and presentations from industry professionals and companies, with the presence of suppliers in lectures and exhibition equipment and systems.

IEEE CHILECON2017 has the following activities: Technical Sessions, Plenary of prominent International Engineers, Tutorials Courses, and Discussion Forum on important, and presentations by enterprise professionals, with the presence of suppliers in lectures and exhibition equipment and systems.
IEEE CHILECON2017 is a Congress organized by the IEEE Chilean Section, IEEE Chilean Chapters, the Chilean Association of Automatic Control ACCA and MacroFacultad de Ingeniería, which involves Universidad de Talca, Universidad del Bío-Bío and Universidad de la Frontera.
IEEE CHILECON2017 is sponsored by the CIE (Colegio de Ingenieros de Chile); AIE(Chilean Association of Electrical and Electronic Industries) and IEEE Chile Section.